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Gantry cranes by SPANCO offer economical and versatile lifting solutions. With SPANCO gantry cranes, there is no permanent installation making them ideal if you rent or lease your facility. Portable gantry crane design allows for quick and easy assembly and ease of relocation for use in more than one area or facility. Standard American I-beams are incorporated in the design therefore no special trolleys are required. All nuts, bolts and pins are plated for corrosion resistance and each gantry crane is painted for protection.

SPANCO portable gantry cranes are available in four styles in both steel and aluminum construction.


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T Series Gantry Cranes
The T Series 3-way adjustable gantry cranes offer the greatest flexibility in gantry crane height, span, and tread adjustment. This gantry crane also boasts the maximum height under the I-beam with the greatest range of gantry height adjustment. This flexibility allows the gantry crane to maneuver in tight spaces and on uneven surfaces. A T Series gantry crane may be ordered in all steel construction up to a 10 ton capacity, or for a lighter gantry crane, all aluminum construction up to a 3 ton capacity is available as well.
A Series Gantry Cranes
A Series gantry cranes offer a more economical solution with an adjustable or fixed height construction. These gantries range up to a 10-ton capacity with steel construction ideal for maintenance departments or other applications where larger capacities are required. Optional span kits allow crane to be shortened for travel down narrow aisles.
Portable Aluminum Gantry Cranes
The A Series gantry crane is also available with aluminum construction. This aluminum crane is lightweight for ease of portability and is ideal for constant assembly and disassembly. The aluminum A Series gantry cranes can move from job site to job site, such as for use on service trucks. The aluminum gantry crane is corrosion resistant and is great for use in clean rooms.
E Series Gantry Cranes
E Series gantry cranes from SPANCO are a low cost solution for a light duty gantry crane. These gantries are available in a fixed height at a 12-foot span and 10-foot height to 5-ton capacity. Also available for the E Series gantry crane is adjustable height of 11’6” span to 3-ton capacity. The E Series gantry crane is constructed with high strength mechanical tubing and equipped with mold on polyurethane wheels for ease of movement. E Series gantries are ideal for applications where lifting equipment is required on an infrequent basis.
PF Series Gantry Cranes
PF style gantry cranes are ideal for situations requiring an economical supplement to an existing crane or when your building cannot support an overhead crane. PF Series gantry cranes come in standard capacities to 15 ton, standard spans to 40 feet, and standard heights to 35 feet. These gantries as well as the T Series gantries can be furnished with motor drives to ride on V groove track crane rail directly on the floor by use of polyurethane wheels.
Single Leg and Double Leg Gantry Cranes
Wide flange beam gantry cranes are also available. If your lifting application requires supplemental coverage for an overhead crane, the facility floor remaining unaltered, or wide clear passage for vehicles and/or personnel, consider custom designed single or double leg, wide flange beam gantry cranes.

Gantry Cranes from SPANCO come in a large variety of standard styles. However, our goal is to provide the best gantry for your application. We can adjust gantries heights, spans, and capacities to suit your material handling needs.

Floor protecting casters are standard on all gantries through 15 tons. Wheel brakes and other optional accessories can be supplied on all gantries. SPANCO can supply any style of caster to meet customer specifications.

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Please contact Milwaukee Crane's expert staff for applications assistance for SPANCO gantry cranes.
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